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Midwest Radar Animation last 72 hours of Precip Current National Temperatures US National Hazzards Map
Hi-Res Precipiation Products --> NAM 3km Total Accum Precip ||| NAM 3km Simulated Radar ||| HRRR Simulated Radar ||| NAM 3km Precipitation Type
NAM3km Wx NAM3km Wx NAM3km Wx NAM3km Wx

 NAM 3km Surface Winds ||| NAM 3km Dewpoint Temps ||| NAM 3km CAPE
NAM3km Wx NAM3km Wx NAM3km Wx

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Weekly Total Evaporation min temps

GEFS 0-5 Day, 5-10 Day, 10-15 Day Temperature Anomalies

Day 1 Convective Outlook   |||   Day 2 Convective Outlook   |||   Day 3 Convective Outlook
day 1 convective outlook day 1 convective outlook day 1 convective outlook

30ft Wind Speeds over 10 mph Valid 1PM (CDT)
day 1 winds
day 1 winds day 1 winds
day 1 winds day 1 winds

Week #1 Precipitation Forecast Graphics
GFS 7-day Total Precip ||| GFS 7-Day Precip Anomaly ||| WPC 7-Day Total Precip ||| WPC Precip Anomaly

GFS 15-day Total Precip ||| GFS Precip Type, intensity, and MSLP ||| Nutrien Severe Storm Index Animation ||| GFS Precipitable Water

GFS 7-Day Snowfall ||| GEFS 7-Day Snowfall ||| NAM3km 60-Hour Snow

Medium Range GFS/GEFS Precipitation Forecasts
Day 4-10 Precip Anomalies ||| Week #2 Precip Anomalies ||| 15-day Precip Anomlies ||| Daily Total Precip

GEFS 15-day Global Precipitation Anomaly
South America   |||   Europe/Russia/Noth Africa/Middle East   |||   Australia   |||   India/SE Asia/China

GEFS 15-day Global Temperature Anomalies

Soil Moisture Anomalies GDU Anomalies, Weekly Surface Evaporation
NASA SPORT-LIS 4" Soil Moisture (%)  |||   PRISM Growing Degree Day Anomaly since March 1, 2020   |||   NDFD 7-Day Forecast of Evaporation
soil moisture GDD Anom Weekly Total Evaporation

Recent Precipitation, Soil Moisture Anomaly Change, US Drought Monitor
Last 7-Days of Precipitation MRMS   |||   CCPC Calculated Soil Moisture Anomaly  |||  PC Calculated Soil Moisture Anomaly Change
7-day precip 
soil moisture soil moisture change drought monitor GDD Anom

GEFS Ens 500 mb Height Anom ||| GFS 500 mb Height Anom ||| GFS 500 mb Vorticity ||| ECMWF Ens 850 mb Temp Anom ||| ECMWF Ens 500mb Height Anom
GEFS 500 mb anom GEFS 500 mb anom GEFS 500 mb anom ECMWF wx ECMWF wx

CPC Week 3-4 Precipitation and Temperature Anomalies
Precipitation Anomalies  ||| Temperature Anomalies
cpc week 3-4 precip cpc week 3-4 temp anomalies

Recent Temperature Anomalies
Last 7-Days of Temperature Anomalies   |||   Last 14-Days of Temperature Anomalies   |||   Last 30-Days of Temperature Anomalies
last 7 days temp anom last 15 days temp anom last 7 days temp anom

Most Recent Global Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

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